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Market For Luxury Watches Flooded With Supply!

The era of cheap money and rising markets is over. The stock markets have noticed this, as have the cryptocurrencies. In times of rising interest rates and restrictive monetary policy, investors are withdrawing from speculative markets. In Q2/Q3 2022, the market for luxury watches has also been impacted. The WatchChart Overall Market Index for the secondary market of luxury watches has slumped by almost 25% since its peak in March 2022 and has fallen back to the level of October 2021.

Prices for the most popular pre-owned Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet watches continue to fall as the market has been flooded with supply, analysts at Morgan Stanley said in a report. After surging in 2021 and during the first quarter of 2022, an index of the most popular models from Daytona chronograph maker Rolex tracked by WatchCharts has fallen by 21% since the market peak in April 2022.

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