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#boycottzara: Shitstorm Against Fashion Company Zara Over “Tasteless” Campaign

After a long period of silence, the Spanish fashion label blocks controversial images and speaks of a “misunderstanding”.

The US model Kristen McMenamy was seen in a white room, surrounded by mannequins wrapped in plastic and cloth and partially destroyed building materials. “The Jacket” was the name of the new Zara campaign, which has caused much outrage in recent days: the Spanish fashion label was accused of using images reminiscent of wrapped corpses in Gaza.

Some users saw associations with the current conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas. The hashtag #boycottzara was created. Others accused Zara of normalizing images of war, and many called the campaign tasteless. “Using the death of innocent children and people as advertising. Disgusting, just disgusting,” wrote one user on X.

The company remained silent for nearly a week. On Tuesday, it finally responded, saying it regretted the “misunderstanding. They did not want to irritate or offend anyone. The campaign has been deleted, and the image is no longer available on the company’s official website. (red.)

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