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So Who Is Tommy DeVito, Quarterback Of The New York Giants?

Tommy DeVito, the emerging quarterback for the New York Giants, is swiftly earning a cult following, not just among Giants fans but throughout the NFL. What sets him apart is not just his prowess on the field but the captivating narrative of his roots and family life. Let’s delve into the extraordinary journey of Tommy DeVito.

Tommy DeVito’s Background and Early Life:

Born and raised in the heart of New Jersey, Tommy DeVito remains a hometown hero even as an NFL professional. Residing in Cedar Grove, a mere 18 kilometers from the Giants’ MetLife Stadium, DeVito’s story takes on a unique charm. His Italian heritage and close-knit family, with whom he still lives, further add to the allure of his narrative.

Living with his parents, DeVito embraces the benefits of staying at home, proudly likening his lifestyle to that of a contented student. In an interview with ESPN, he shared, “I haven’t even thought about moving out. I don’t have to worry about laundry, what I’m going to eat for dinner—chicken cutlets are waiting for me when I get home. Everything is taken care of. My mother still makes my bed.” The proximity of his home to the Giants’ training center makes him a true local hero.

College Years and Football Career:

DeVito’s journey to the NFL started at Don Bosco Preparatory High School in New Jersey, followed by four years of college football at Syracuse University. In 2022, he transferred to the University of Illinois, where he excelled as the starting quarterback for the Fighting Illini. Throughout his five college years, DeVito played 39 games, throwing for 43 touchdowns and 6,516 yards, with 16 interceptions.

The NFL Draft and DeVito’s Rise:

Following the NFL Draft in 2023, DeVito joined the New York Giants as an “Undrafted Free Agent.” Initially the third-string quarterback, he was signed for the training squad, receiving a modest $10,000 signing bonus and a base salary. However, fate took an unexpected turn when both the starting QB1 Daniel Jones and backup QB Tyrod Taylor suffered injuries. DeVito was elevated from the practice squad, securing a professional contract guaranteeing him $750,000 for the current season.

Despite starting as the tenth undrafted quarterback since 2000, DeVito’s performance has been stellar. He led the Giants to three consecutive victories in Week 12, 13, and 14, solidifying his place as a rising star.

Future Prospects and Giant Hype:

With each call-up to the roster, DeVito earns $44,000, and for the 2024 season, his salary could potentially rise to $915,000. However, his contract beyond the current season is not guaranteed, leaving the possibility of being released by the Giants.

As the buzz around DeVito continues to grow, his fellow players acknowledge the significance of his story. Running back Saquon Barkley remarked, “An undrafted guy from Jersey, living with his parents in Jersey, becoming the quarterback for the New York Giants. That’s the perfect story.”

Tommy DeVito‘s journey from New Jersey to the NFL is not just about touchdowns and victories; it’s a tale of family ties, hometown pride, and the unexpected rise of a local hero. Whether he continues to shine for the Giants or faces new challenges, DeVito’s story is undoubtedly one for the books, capturing the hearts of fans and admirers alike.

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