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French fintech Aria raises €15 million

French fintech Aria has recently closed a successful €15 million funding round, signaling a significant stride in its mission to reshape the landscape of business-to-business (B2B) payments within the platform economy and B2B marketplaces. The funding, led by 13books Capital and featuring prominent participation from Adevinta Ventures, Ankaa Ventures, Otium Capital, as well as angel investors such as Laurent Ritter, Mark Ransford, and former Stripe executive Guillaume Princen, will empower Aria to expand its deferred payment infrastructure and further enhance its services.

Aria’s Vision and Current Operations:

Established in 2019, Aria has been at the forefront of bridging the payment gap prevalent in the B2B sector. The fintech firm collaborates with over 100 platforms to address the discrepancy between when suppliers require payment and when buyers prefer settling their invoices. Aria’s innovative solution integrates directly into the platforms’ systems, facilitating instant direct payments to suppliers across Europe. Importantly, it grants buyers the flexibility of up to 90 days to fulfill their payment obligations for goods and services.

Impressive Growth and Market Impact:

In the past 12 months, Aria has experienced substantial growth, both in its home country of France and since its expansion into the UK. During this period, the fintech company has successfully processed over €0.5 billion in payments, benefiting more than 30,000 businesses and freelancers. The range of invoices handled by Aria spans from €500 to €20,000, demonstrating its adaptability across diverse business scales.

Furthermore, Aria’s impact is amplified by its strategic partnerships and the trust placed in it by investors. The fintech firm is backed by a robust €150 million debt facility, with support from notable investors like M&G Investments.

Clément Carrier, CEO and co-founder of Aria emphasized the uniqueness of Aria‘s approach in the B2B payments landscape. He stated, “While B2B payment volume is 5x the size of B2C retail payments, only 7% of B2B commerce is transacted online.Aria aims to change this by replacing outdated B2B payment methods with a seamless online experience that mirrors consumer transactions. With Aria‘s suite of tools, companies can process any payment method, offer flexible net terms financing, and receive instant payments—all within a unified online platform.

The Injection

With the recent injection of €15 million in funding, Aria seems well-positioned to continue its trajectory of reshaping B2B payments in the platform economy. The fintech firm’s success in processing substantial payment volumes and its commitment to providing a user-friendly, B2C-like experience positions it as a key player in the evolving landscape of digital B2B transactions. As Aria expands its reach and refines its services, it has the potential to unlock new possibilities for businesses, freelancers, and platforms operating within the dynamic realm of the platform economy and B2B marketplaces.

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