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Rosberg Curse: McLaren Imposes House Ban in a Playful Twist!

Legend has it that when Nico Rosberg takes a selfie, it brings misfortune to those in the background. This quirky belief has led McLaren to impose a house ban on the 2016 World Champion. The team jokingly explained that they didn’t want to tempt the “bewitching powers” of the German.

The Selfie Jinx

The superstition stemmed from a recent incident in Budapest, where Rosberg posed for a selfie in front of Max Verstappen‘s racing car. Curiously, it was the first time in six races that the Red Bull pilot failed to secure the pole position. Instead, Lewis Hamilton took the lead.

An Unfortunate Twist

Unfazed by the selfie jinx, Rosberg decided to take another photo, this time in front of the Mercedes box. However, this seemed to have a reverse effect as Hamilton faced a poor start and finished in fourth place.

Playing it Safe

Though it could all be mere coincidence, McLaren isn’t willing to take any chances. The team expressed, “One must do what one must do. Sorry, Nico, but we cannot challenge your bewitching powers.”

Rosberg’s Playful Response

In a cheeky retort, the 38-year-old hexer quipped, “I’m heading straight to your box.” Perhaps he actually made it there as the race ended prematurely for Oscar Piastri after just one lap, and Lando Norris, who had two consecutive podium finishes, only managed seventh place.

As the saga of the Rosberg curse continues to entertain and bemuse, McLaren has decided to humorously ward off any potential ill luck. While the superstitions surrounding selfies and racing outcomes may remain unfounded, the ban adds a lighthearted twist to the Formula 1 scene. With Rosberg’s playful spirit intact, the motorsport community eagerly awaits any further magical moments that may unfold on the track.

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