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Luxury Watch Investors Should Look At The Latest Hermès Cape Cod

Attractive asset class luxury watches

Luxury watches have become a top-rated asset class for modern investors in recent years. They have excellent value stability, and the best objects even have considerable appreciation potential. It is no secret that watches are a popular investment vehicle for non-taxed and illicit income as it’s just easier to buy a luxury watch with cash than to launder it into the banking system with all the anti-money laundering (AML) rules. Investors can pawn or sell their luxury watches at any time. As a result, luxury watches are a perfect alternative asset class.

The new Hermès Cape Cod

The Robb Report recently introduced an exclusive Hermès for investors. The French house is known for creating exquisite watch dials with designs often lifted from its iconic scarves. The bold pencil strokes of Henri d’Origny created the first Hermès Cape Cod in 1991. The artist Thanh-Phong Le designed the new Crépuscule Cape Cod, inspired by a silicon wafer used in microelectronic semiconductors.

In 2018, Hermès partnered with the Neuchâtel-based Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM), which engineers developed the “Crépuscule” (dusk) dial made from a silicon wafer.

The dial was created from a single 0.5 mm-thick plate coated with a minute film of silicon nitride measuring just 72 nanometers to achieve an intense blue color. It was then exposed to blue light via a photolithography process to create the motif, which depicts the sun’s golden rays hitting the blue water at sunset. Finally, the plate was dipped in several baths to remove any extra material before being coated in gold and cut to fit within its 29 mm case.

Price and availability

For the Cape Code, Hermès stepped outside of the box and created a truly original piece. The Crépuscule Cape Cod comes at a moderate price of $7,270 and will be available in summer 2022.

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