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Start now! How to generate passive income with an online side hustle!

Tim Denning (www.timdenning.com and his Medium site) is probably one of the 19 most well-known bloggers on this planet. He is actually a versatile and talented writer with a knack for giving people ideas about new income streams as well. Recently, Tim has suggested a way how people can create an online empire from the bedroom over the internet opportunities and create high passive income with it.

If you have an internet connection, you’re powerful, Tim argues. Most people would not see it that way and use the internet to go backward in life rather than forwards. You need a side hustle to start generating passive income, Tim suggests. And you should start your side hustle in silence to avoid attention and pressure. And avoid careful preparation.

However, preparation is the enemy of a side hustle. Many people who want to start a side hustle and access passive income spend months collecting data and trying to figure out how the game works. By the time they’ve figured it out the market has moved.

Education in school and college taught us to do research and seek permission but a side hustle works differently. The point is to give yourself permission. Tim suggests treating it like a kid would who gets a new toy. There are no rules. They smash the shit out of that dump truck you gave them until you buy them another toy. That’s how it works with side hustles.

Get in the ring. Throw some punches. Ignore the critics in the crowd who never take action. There’s no proper side hustle education. It’s counter-intuitive: you learn as you go, not before you get started.

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