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Attention Crypto Investors! Do Not Trust Rating Sites When Investing!

The internet has changed the world of investing over the last three decades. Online banking, online investing, or online trading has offered consumers and retail investors new opportunities that were previously only available to professional investors. However, there are also many dangers, and these include scams, fake news, and fake ratings. Even the “good” rating site Trustpilot is used by scammers for fake reviews. In addition, there are also numerous fake rating and review sites operated by scammers to present fraudulent scams to consumers as legitimate. FinTelegram recently reported in detail.

The fake crypto review sites

Sunny Investmentshttps://sunny-investments.com
The Stock Specialist (TSS)https://thestockspecialist.com
Wealth Infohttps://wealth-info.com
Top Brokers Comparisonhttps://topbrokerscomparison.com
Green Finance Initiativehttps://greenfinanceinitiative.org
Index Universe
Index Universe Crypto
Economy Watchhttps://www.economywatch.com/bitcoin-robot

How it works

Fake rating sites are used not only but mainly in the field of crypto trading and investments. There it is easier for the scammers to catch victims because the crypto sector is still largely unregulated.

Fake rating sites present fraudulent crypto marketing campaigns such as Bitcoin Prime, BitQT, or Bitcoin Evolution with ratings as very good investment opportunities. These campaigns present themselves as a means to get rich easily and quickly. However, their sole purpose is to chase clients (victims) for illegally operating brokers or scams by addressing the potential victims’ greed and FOMO. Do not fall for those fake rating sites. Do not lose your money and your data!

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