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Investor Protection – Armin Ordodary And His Vast FSM Smart Scam Network

Unfortunately, the Cyberfinance age gave rise to online scammers attacking consumers. FinTelegram reported on the FSM Smart scam broker network run by cybercrime activist Armin Ordodary. This scam has been operated with various domains over the years and received a record-setting number of fraud warnings. The scam is about to vanish, and registrations are no longer possible. The two fund recovery scams, Eternity Law and Roshental Law, are allegedly run by the same people as FSM Smart broker sam.

Armin Ordodary operates some of the scam’s boiler rooms via legal entities in Belgrade, such as BizServe DOO (formerly Upmarkt DOO) or BizTech DOO. Partners across Europe operate additional boiler rooms in the FSM Smart network. Cyprus is Ordodary’s home turf. There he runs Benrich Holdings Ltd and Benrich Trading Ltd in Cyprus.

The scam operator Ordodary bills himself as a cosmopolitan and Middle East expert. He is known for filing DMCA complaints with Google against critical reports. FinTelegram and the Forex Peace Army (FPA) have already been the targets of his childish and non-effective approach.

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